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Welcome to Sage Cottage Eclectic

Sage Cottage is my home! When my husband and I purchased her, we discovered  that  our little cottage has an official name! Sage Cottage felt so perfect, and so far she has been a wonderful sanctuary for us! I then completed my website name with ‘Eclectic’ because of the spellbinding mix of offerings that will be available. 

Over the years we have been improving her garden, and over the past year or so I have added a few of her namesakes (Clary, Garden and White Sage) - so the smudge sticks you see on offer are all organically home grown and harvested, dried and bound, ready for use. 

In addition to the smudge sticks I have a selection of Aromatic Spray Mists , Crystal Water Bottles and a variety of useful upcycled items like earring hanger frames and small pieces of furniture given a new lease of life.

As for why I’ve created this website? Well, I’ve always loved a wonderful fragrance and how it can influence your emotions, and also using crystals for the magic they can bring into our life. My Mom instilled in me a wonder of things outside of our known senses. And as I get older, and I explore this side of me more, I now want to share it with like minded folk. 

I hope you enjoy browsing through all the options!


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